SNSD Yoona Girls Generation 2013 Pictures and Profile

Im Yoona (Korean: 임윤아; born May 30, 1990), also Im Yoon-Ah, is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, actress and promotional model. She made her debut as an actress in the 2007 drama, 9 Ends, 2 Outs. Yoona is a member of the Korean girl group Girls’ Generation.
 SNSD Yoona
Before her debut with Girls’ Generation, Yoona had been well known in the entertainment industry as she began to film commercials and model for various magazines when she was a trainee with SM Entertainment. Apart from Girls’ Generation’s commercials, she is currently a model for Clean & Clear, YeJiMin Pad, Innisfree Cosmetics, S-Oil, Eider, Ciba Vision’s DAILIES & FreshLook Contact Lenses.

Girls Generation Yoona

Stage Name: YoonA
Birth Name: Im Yoon Ah
Nick names : Deer Yoona, Him Yoona, Goddess Yoong
Group Position : Supporting Vocalist
Languages : Korean (Fluent) , English, Chinese (Basic) , Japanese (Basic)
DOB: May 30, 1990
Height: 166cm (168cm or so she states herself)
Weight: 47kg
Blood Type: B
School: Daeyoung High School, 2nd Year
Casted: 2002 SM Saturday Open Casting Audition
Training: 7 Years 2 Months
School: Dongguk University (동국대학교) Department of Theater | graduated from Daeyeong High School
Im Yoona snsd

– 2004 Elite Student uniforms advertising model
– 2004 MV DBSK – ‘Magic Castle‘
– 2006 CF Teun Teun English
– 2006 CF Sanyo batteries Eneloop
– 2006 CF Elite Student uniforms (with SS501)
– 2006 MV Super Junior – ‘U‘
– 2006 MV CSJH The Grace – ‘My Everything‘ (with Super Junior Kibum)
– 2007 CF Yejimin Pad
– 2007 CF Clean & Clear
– 2007 CF Sunkist Grapefruit/Lemonade (with Super Junior Kangin & Heechul)
– 2007 Drama MBC ‘9 Ends 2 Outs‘ (as Shin Joo-young)
– 2007 MV Super Junior – ‘Marry U‘
– 2008 MV Lee Seung Chul – ‘Propose‘
– 2008 Drama MBC ‘Park Jung Geum‘ (as Mi-ae)
– 2008 Daily drama KBS ‘You Are My Destiny‘ (as Jang Sae-byuk)
– 2009 MV 24/7 – ‘That Man’s Woman‘
– 2009 CF ‘Clean & Clear’ (with Kim So-eun)
– 2009 Drama MBC ‘Cinderella Man‘ (as Seo Yoo-jin)
– 2009 CF ‘Innisfree
– 2010 Variety Show SBS ‘Family Outing season 2′
– 2010 CF ‘S-Oil
– 2011 MV SHINee – ‘Replay (Japanese ver.)’

Yoona girls generation 

  • Widely known as the “center” image of SNSD thanks to her immense popularity among Korean public. Age-wise, she’s also placed in the “center” of SNSD; Seohyun (born in 1991) is a year younger than Yoona (born in 1990) and the other 7 members are one year older and considered as same-age friends (born in 1989 and Sooyoung in early 199o).
  • Despite her sweet girlish image, Yoona is actually boyish.
  • Being the the second youngest of SNSD doesn’t stop her to be one of their biggest prankster.
  • SNSD’s second biggest eater after Sooyoung.
  • Her claim-to-fame was the hit daily drama ‘You’re My Destiny’ which ratings peaked at 41% viewership.  The drama was also her first time as a lead in drama.
  • The said drama also gained her popularity among ahjumma (middle-aged women) in Korea.
  • Yoona is a fan of Takuya Kimura.
  • Yoona claimed that she has more confidence in dancing and acting rather than singing.
  • Yoona likes to play bowling in her spare time.
  • Yoona SNSD 2013

  • Yoona is the #1 Queen of CF in SNSD.
  •  Alot of male & female fans want to tackle her.
  •  She’s a great actress and a model as well.
  • She is the face of Soshi.
  • Her daum fanclub, Luxul, is currently the largest among soshi members.
  • Yoona would like a son and a daughter.
  • She picked Bali (or summer island) for her dream honeymoon destination.
  • According to HyoYeon (in Mnet Starwatch) although Yoona seems quiet and hard toapproach, she’s actually one of the friendliest soshi member.
  • She’s been in many mv for high profile groups and singers.
  • She likes to bow really low!
  • CSJH’s Dana was one of her vocal coach.
  • Yoona is more confident in her dancing and acting compared to singing.
  • Yoona is soshi’s dishwasher.
  • She’s a part of Soshi dance trio.
  • She was a permanent guest on Superjunior Kiss the Radio.
  • She has awesome facial expressions.
  • Yoona loves rollercoaster ride.
  • Yoona had a big crush on Micky (TVXQ) during training days.
  • Yoona is the strongest.
  • Yoona loves to eat cereal before bed.
  • YoonA ideal man is Daniel Henney & got a sweet hug from him.
  • The soshi member she relates to the most is Yuri.
  • YoonA fans among male celebs.
  • YAMD and 3 hours of sleep
  • She has alot of Ajumma and Halmoni fans.
  • She has a unique laugh. (alligator mouth)
  • Less than 10 hours of sleep per week.
  • Her favourite season is winter.
  • Yoona has assymetric eyes. One of her eyes has and the other doesn’t.
  • Yoona has admitted that she has never had a boyfriend nor has anyone pursued her. This is because she wants to pursue her career before pursuing love right now
  • Yoona’s favourite colour is blue.
  • Yoona shared the money she got from New Years with the girls.
  • She would become a Chef if she was not a singer. Even though she believes that she is not that good at cooking but she enjoys it!
  • On an episode of Champagne Yoona has revealed she likes older guys up to 5 years older.
  • She once slept at the hair salon.
  • The member Yoona wants to be alike is Sunny. When Sunny smiles, Yoona wants to be like her.
  • She is the favorite snsd member of Wang Seohyun.
  • Jessica thinks Yoona is the cutest dongseng.
  • Yoona has no ear pierce.
  • She’s a free thinker.
  • She has two kinds of dimples. A pair of small ones and a pair of big ones.
  • YoonA loves mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  • Yoona’s current phone is a pink Samsung G400.
  • Yoona is the queen of midnight snacking.
  • Yoona doesn’t like guys whose faces are too masculine.
  • Yoona’s favorite fruit is strawberry.
  • She doesn’t know how to swim.
  • YoonA is the ideal girl of Lee Seung Gi.
  • Yoona prefers Kimura Takuya more than Yun Jung Hoon.
  • Yoona doesn’t care about height when it comes to ideal man but a little taller than her would be nice.
  • Yoona likes ballad song.
  • Dong Woon, Hyun Seung and Jun Hyung from boy band B2ST all picked YoonA as their favorite SNSD girl.
  • Yoong wants to get married by the time she’s 27-28.
  • Yoona has a minor condition of bowleggedness (in a good way though).
  • Yoona’s first overseas visit was to Australia when she was only 3 or 4 years old.
  • YoonA uses 3 type of perfumes but she prefer to use ISSEY MIYAKE the most.
  • When Yoona is upset..she’ll voice it out saying “Im upset!” thousands times in a day.