One Piece 708 Cosplay – No One Piece Manga 708 This Week!

Because of Obon, national holiday in Japan, There will be no One Piece 708 manga this week. Just read my One Piece 708 spoiler and prediction with cute cosplay from one piece anime girls. I was expecting a little more on one piece 708, I didn’t really care for most of the battles in block B. I was hoping we’d get to see Bellemy and Barto do some damage… The ending was the best part oh vintage Luffy giving a way his identity, but I do wonder why the old man was able to escape Garp and does he hate Luffy since he did say he’d hate Garp until his grand children’s generation. The fighting king reminds me of charge characters from street fighter, especially Balrog. He doesn’t stand a chance in this round though but I think he’ll eliminate many of the contestants, including a few of the named ones. Eventually I think it’ll remain only himself, Dr. Eggman, Bellamy, Gladiator Ricky, Bartman and the fishman. Then I think Bartman might showcase any ability he may have.

I predict that next week’s chapter will be named ” Block C” . It clearly has to because block A has already been decided. Then this week an entire chapter dedicated for “Block B”. So “Block B” should be next week. Or whenever that is..

there wasn’t anything mindblowing and it’s good to have a somewhat calm chapter like this. I lol’ed at the end when that Don guy revealed Luffy like it was nothing and spiced things up, now Luffy won’t only have to worry about inside the arena, it gave a small sense of danger though i think Cavendish is be quite strong.
Rebecca and Ricky will pass… Rebecca for plot purposes, and Ricky because there’s something strange about him As for Cavendish, I don’t even understand what’s he doing there, he’s just a male copy of Hancock at this point, I mean ok he wants Mera Mera no Mi, but I would be very surprised if he wins honestly Bartolemeo, Even if he loses, I believe he will still play some sort of role here… Oda hyped him a lot by taking out that Vice Admiral