Naruto 631 – Kage and Taka Arrival

Okay, I knew that with inclusion of Minato at the Naruto 631 end, everyone’s going to go like “ooohh!! Minato’s here looking forward to the next chapter!!”, but it seems that THIS chapter is getting “great” and “flawless” comments written all over it, even though it didn’t do anything to deserve them!
This chapter has been a waste, because:
naruto 631 spoiler
Obito and Kakashi still have used most of the panels, spitting their annoying bullshit out. You people who have expressed how awesome this chapter was, do you honestly love reading those two saying the same shit all over again? They have been doing it for a number of chapters now, with no end at sight, and to refresh the idea on how long it lasted, it wasnt’ just a few chapters, OH NO! Kakashi can be excused to some extent, but the main cancer of this arc is Obito and he’s still there! He’s still doing it and there’s nothing stopping him! How could anyone possibly enjoy this? Kishimoto only gets away with his mediocrity as of late because people seem to praise him for the work he’s been producing!

Characters bar Sasuke getting absolutely ZERO character development. Naruto is still a retard who does inspirational speeches here and then, Shinobi army is still useless and annoying, Madara and Hashirama wasted chapters with their turd-skipping, migraine-inducing stupidity, every other Edo bar Itachi have been thrown into the dumpster. Because of this, the war has tried to display some kind of emotion, but other than disgust, it hasn’t succeeded in anything else. There are a few exceptions like I said, but the negatives far outweight the positives. We have been going backwards since this arc started because of atrocious chapters like THIS!

The story is predictable, boring and shallow, the characters are lifeless and poorly animated Pinocchios, the dialogue and the overall subject is being copy/pasted on every following chapter, Minato =/= saviour of this manga, the art is having a drop in quality.

What has happened in the last 5 chapters? let’s go with the entire arc. I’ll tell you what has happened:



Naruto 629 Cosplay – No Naruto Manga 629 This Week!

Because of Obon, national holiday in Japan, There will be no Naruto 629 manga this week. Just read my naruto 629 spoiler and prediction with cute cosplay from naruto anime girls. Awesome naruto chapter 629, Either Kakashi or Obito is not coming out of the kamui dimension. I expect a little more background from them but then that is going to end.

naruto 629

Didn’t any of the Alliance see Madara’s face? Because if I had seen that face, I’ve would have run for the hills. And it’s so nice to see Kishi give Sakura a few panels, not doing nothing of course because clearly a woman can’t do anything, but nice nonetheless. Anyway, the Juubi’s armageddon technique is pretty awesome and kind of makes up for the lameness. Obito leaving the field so no more redundant argument was also awesome.

naruto manga 629

This chapter was rather disappointing. Two weeks ago we left off thinking that today would be some big “double issue” hit with the 4 Hokages… but no.. Kishi has trolled us at its highest level of trolling… After 5 or so pages of Naruto’s reoccurring “Talk No Jutsu” it just got flat out boring. (I have to agree though, Madara’s face was pretty awesome as well as the Ten Tail’s jutsu, but thats pretty much it) In fact this chapter was exactly like the one including Neji’s death.

Neji died and Naruto was unsure of himself (In this case he gave out too much chakra at once), Obito makes some smart ass comment, and Naruto talk no jutsus the rest of it as well as some “exciting twist” at the end of the chapter. Not to mention did we ever find out what happened to Lee? He kicked Madara in half the last time we saw the battlefield… Also as quoted by Kakashi “Ill make the Juubi disappear this time!”… that has got to be the cheesiest line i have seen come out of his mouth ever… Alright. Done ranting. Hopefully next week will be better.

Madara is a sensor now that he has the rinnegan? During the Kabuto fight Itachi said that Nagato helped him track down the source of the edo tensei so Madara should have those same abilities. With Kakashi and Obito fighting it out in the kamui dimension does that mean we’re going to see bits of Obito’s body appear and disappear on the battlefield as he lets attacks slip through him?
naruto 629 spoiler
Which is why it’s so weird, unless Hashirama’s cells in Madara is the reason why he can detect Hashirama. Not sure if Madara is a true sensor or if it’s just Hashirama, but it’s weird either way he’s the only one able to sense. But sensors apparently need to use their ability actively otherwise they can’t sense, and I’m guessing the enemies make it hard for them to bother sensing. Nor do they really need to sense since all their enemies are in front of ’em.
naruto 629 raw
I can’t wait naruto 629 chapter next week until Madara shows off Sage Mode. Tenjuu or whatever animal the Uchiha are represented by.