Miss Korea 2013 Contestants Before and After Surgery

There is a snapshot of compilation showing all of 20 contestants of Miss Korea 2013beauty pageant has gone viral on Reddit, mostly for their remarkably similar facial features.
floating around out there, where they’re photographed as a group without the stage makeup, professionally done hair, or (almost certainly) photoshop. And while they all fit into the same vague standard of beauty, anyone with eyes could tell each of them apart, and they look nothing like their official headshots.

Miss korea 2013 winners

Recently, there is a debate on plastic surgery from the post on Reddit titled “Korea’s plastic surgery mayhem is finally converging on the same face. Here are the miss Korea 2013 contestants.”

Miss korea 2013 plastic surgery

Complaints from the public wonder why all the participants seem to look like clones, thanks to the country and many others, need for a projected image of beauty with little room for new looks. All contestants pictured seem to have dark hair, pale skin, big eyes and thin noses with pointy chins. However, some suggest that plastic surgery may not explain why all these women look so similar.

Perhaps a bit of Photoshop magic is involved, as well. The growing obsession with plastic surgery in South Korea is once again under media scrutiny after pictures of a group of Miss Korea 2013 contestants posted online prompted claims that the Asian country’s craze for cosmetic procedures have left all the aspiring beauty queens looking like clones.

Miss korea 2013 contestant

Why is it that when white beauty queens cake themselves in makeup, spend hours primping to not a hair or panty line is out of place, and hire professional retouchers to make themselves look like Barbie dolls in photos, it’s just run of the mill superficiality, and just how pageants are done, but when South Korean women do literally the exact same thing, it’s an “epidemic” of plastic surgery (do we know if any of these women have even had plastic surgery, and if so, how many and how much? No) and the Asian girls trying to look white.

I’m not sure if anyone has touched on this yet: i recently listened to a podcast of “this American life”, where an American English teacher learned that many of the Korean high school girls get plastic surgery as part of their preparation for college admittance. Korean girls send headshots along with their college applications, and according to them, you will not be accepted if you are not considered “pretty” enough. when the teacher asked what procedures were most popular, they referred to the westernized perception of beauty- fattier eyelids, chiseled jaw and cheek bones, breast implants, etc. it’s apparently more accepted, almost expected, than it is here in the US.