Vote for Miss Universe 2012 Roommate

Miss Indonesia and Miss Philippines are in one room. Janine looks so different her transformation’s amazing. I hope Maria Selena can get some tips from her. good luck to both of them. I love that Indonesian and Filipino are supporting each other. Lets unite and support our ASEAN delegates Love from the Philippines. Mabuhay Selena and Janine.

Miss Universe 2012 Roommate
Miss Indonesia and Miss Philippines

Vote for The Two gorgeous ladies
Here’s the LINK: Vote Miss Indonesia: Maria Selena

Vote Miss Philippines: Janine Tugonon

Vote for these two gorgeous ladies from sea asia good luck to both of you. We love you Janine Tugonon and also our delegates Maria Selena Nurcahya. both of them are Pretty let’s rock Nevada USA. Take the the crown for us OK Make us be proud of you OK. Love both of them. Big Kiss and Hug from here.