American Idol Season 12 Top 7 Goodbye Burnell Taylor!

Seriously I get it, Lazaro has a stuttering issue and can hold a note. He can sing! However, he can not sing better than any of the last couple people that were sent home! It’s a competition on singing
not a competition on who gets the most pity.

Really can’t believe Burnell Taylor went home the best male contestant by far and he’s still here. Why is Lazaro in top three? It’s a complete embarrassment at this point seriously, the pity votes need to stop. I get he has a great story but great stories shouldn’t win a SINGING competition. So disappointed in this show, not even sure I can stomach the rest of the competition with Lazaro still there.
We see you Burnell and everyone knows you shouldn’t have left tonight. Unfortunately America didn’t get it right and I believe it’s because of these judges. I highly doubt Jimmy will remain even next year and I’m sure this year will lose a great deal of the American Idol audience. Lazaro should of went home! I am tired of the pity vote for this kid! Burnell is a much better singer than Lazaro! He should f been saved definitely!

I hate to be the bear bad news but this year American Idol Season 12 is not nearly as good as the past years. I used to be American Idol fanatic and the season I can’t even get into it.. The contestants or the judges:). Something just is not right. Anyway, did anyone notice Kree resembles the actress Melanie Lynskey from many movies & Charlie’s neighbor for years on two and a half men?