Oomasa Aya, Honda Tsubasa and Hiraoka Yuta New Drama Vampire Heaven 2013

Vampire Heaven is about a love story between a young man and two beautiful vampires.
Omasa Aya play a beautiful vampire named “Sakurako” while Honda Tsubasa will be Sakurako’s best friend and also vampire named “Komachi”. The human male, whom the two vampires fall in love with, will be played by Hiraoka Yuta. I’m a fan of Oomasa Aya. I’ve liked her since Mei-chan no Shitsuji and Yamamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. I’ve also come to like Honda Tsubasa since watching Piece.
Oomasa Aya, Honda Tsubasa and Hiraoka Yuta

Won’t give a long recap, hoping to for the next episode as not too, too much happened and haven’t really got what the main storyline is but it did start off on a strong note, seems as most of these late night shows are much better than the ones that air in primetime. Komachi(Tsubasa) and Sakurako(Aya Oosama) are two 200+ year old vampires who were living in a strange world controlled by ‘The Count’ when they made a major mistake and were banished from that world and ended up in present day Tokyo.
 Japanese Drama Vampire Heaven 2013

Though they were banished they were also chased there by the henchmen of the count, this looks like one of the subplots which will be continuing on for the whole drama. In the new world Komachi and Sakurako fell ill to the hunger pains they were having, we all know what vampires need yet for some reason they hadn’t fulfilled their bloody desires and passed out on the streets one night.

from the teaser next episode seems funny and well I was expecting a lot more The vampire thing was so cheesy and typical but I guess we can’t judge right after only the first episode I have to watch at least to episode 3-4 to see if it’s worth watching or not
Oomasa Aya, Honda Tsubasa vampire heaven
They were noticed by a man named Hayato who put them up for the night in one of his friends apartment, where it was all they could do not to have a few juicy bites from his neck. Ending this episode off Komachi and Sakurako ended up in a small club where Hayato was playing his guitar solo for the crowd, one look at him on the stage through Sakurako for a loop as she seems to be falling for him, one of the major rules that a vampire is not allowed to do!

I just passed by to watch the first episode and now I am hook to watch the next episode. Can’t wait! I love vampire dramas and luckily my favorite Japanese actor Yuta Hiraoka is here… The 2 main actresses Aya Omasa and Tsubasa Honda portrayed their characters well. So far, this drama captivates my attention .  I hope this will turn out well because I am anticipating so much for this drama.

Oomasa Aya Hiraoka Yuta vampire heaven
Actually, it is not knew to each and everyone of us the theme about the vampires or what so ever, the question is that, what is unique about this drama? well, I will answer that but because we can’t please everybody, I will put the answer in a most subjective way,and my answer to that is, “I LOVE MUSIC.” I will watch a drama up to it’s end if it is in romantic comedy and most especially if music is related to the Story.
What so nice about Music? well, it gives an interesting link to the characters as well as to the story itself.
I will recommend this drama, but of course on the others point of view we should respect that! right?

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku to sing opening theme song for drama, ‘Vampire Heaven’

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku’s new song, “Kindan no Karma“, has been chosen as the opening theme for TV Tokyo’s upcoming drama, ‘Vampire Heaven‘, which will air starting April 12th.