Ji Dan Xu – China’s Beauty Queen and Top Model

I think she is the most beautiful one in the all ,the Chinese girl shows her Intriguing elegance ,and also have good temperament . she has the prefect appearance to do some kind of charities A very pleasant surprise for me from China!

She might be facially behind Luo Zilin (Miss Universe China 2011) but her elegance and finesse is superb. What sealed her placement was her preliminary performance which was just the right amount needed to overcome the first cut.

Ji Dan Xu image 

Miss China’s stunning dress honors the Ching dynasty with its embroidered lotus flowers and dragons.

Ji Dan Xu pictures

Ji Dan Xu miss universe 2012

Ji Dan Xu runway show

Ji Dan Xu miss china 2012

Ji Dan Xu grew up in JiLin Province where she was raised by her grandmother and 11 cousins. She has been dancing since the age of 6, with a special love for the Flamenco form. She’s played piano since the age of 3 and has competed on a national level. Ji Dan Xu loves traveling, baking, and women’s fashion. One day she hopes to have her own fashion brand.

I see Ji Dan Xu as a tall woman with a touch of elegance with finesse. Love Zilin last year? Well, China will not sit down and let the momentum ever slow down. Diana will be polished, repackaged and shipped to Miss Universe with a seal of quality.