Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In as The New ‘PSY Girl’

Who Do You Like Better, Son Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) or Hyuna 4Minute)?
The public’s attention is now getting focused on the ever-sexy Son Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls, the leading lady in the music video of PSY’s new song.

Son Ga In pics

If HyunA had gone for a cute-and-sexy look for “Gangnam Style“, it looks like Ga In is going for the mature-and-sexy look for “Gentleman”. Even though she must have been cold in her revealing clothes at early morning, Ga In looks like she’s working like a true professional for the song. Gain has that mature, classy, and sexy vibe to her without even trying. Her sexiness is practically effortless! surprisingly, she is the youngest member of Brown Eyed Girls.” Brown Eyed Girls Ga In
I’m a big fan of Brown Eyed Girls and I think that they’re truly sexy because they know how to be mature, you just have to look at Ga In MV Bloom . If it was another singer it would’ve come out too provoking but she managed to make it sexy and lovely. It’s just a shame that they’re making her wearing too revealing clothes because people will not focus on her real charms.

Psy Girl Ga In

Ga In Gentleman Pics
Love seeing brown eyed girls dance in there.’Gangnam Style’ was a song made for the Korean media, so it was awesome, original and very catchy. Gentleman is made for the WORLD, trying to be popular for every country, so its a song made for Clubs.


HyunA, Hyorin and Goo Hara New Soju Commercial 2013

Who is your favorite “Chum Churum” model?
Cheoeum Cheorum Soju released their 2nd commercial featuring their models, 4Minute’s HyunA, SISTAR’S Hyorin and Kara’s Goo Hara.

The three ladies take sexy to a whole new level. Enjoy the CF below: The CF showed the three girls participating in a dance battle, catching the eyes of viewers with their powerful yet sexy dance moves. In the end of the video, viewers were asked to vote for their favorite “Chum Churum” girl on their official website, Facebook, and Youtube channel.
 HyunA, Hyorin and Goo Hara
HyunA, Hyorin and Goo HaraHyunA, Hyorin and Goo HaraHyunA, Hyorin and Goo HaraHyunA, Hyorin and Goo Hara
The new commercial follows up on Chum-Churum’s prior promise to their fans, when they stated that they would release a ’round 3′ CF for HyunA once her combined views on previous commercials hit 1,000,000 views total.

The new commercial is similar in theme and visuals to her previous two CFs, showing the new ‘sexy queen’ strutting her stuff and bewitching viewers with her charisma. Kara’s Goo Hara soju CF with 4minute’s HyunA and Sistar’s Hyorin is already gaining a lot of interest because it’s the first time new models have participated in the endorsement for the brand. Before them, Lee Hyori collaborated with the brand for more than 5 years.

HyunA of 4Minute is a fan of D-Unit

I browse each Hyuna article and post whenever I see them on Korean websites however the Korean fans love her and contemplate her as the best female idols. 4Minute member HyunA has disclosed that she could be a fan of D-Unit and would love to work with them.

hyuna pics

4minute hyuna make up

4minute hyuna hairstyle

hyuna photo

hyuna image

I love D-Unit! The group currently has 4 members, but their line up is meant to constantly change with each release. I been paying attention to their mini-album all day. they’re crazy proficient, and HyunA would be impressive as a guest vocal. A photo was uploaded to D-Unit’s facebook page, showing the group posing with HyunA.

D-unit pics

D-unit kpop group

D-unit kpop girl

The idol later confessed to being a fan of the group. “I’ve liked them ever since they debuted. I watch each show they are on. If i buy the prospect, i’d wish to work with them,” HyunA said. D-Unit was excited to listen to regarding HyunA’s enthusiasm towards the group. “If we have a tendency to worked at the side of the noted star HyunA, we’d be terribly happy, they said.

D-unit rookie girl group

D-unit image

D-unit photo

Representative for both artists said that a collaboration between the two would be possible if their schedules matched up and allowed for it.
4Minute recently appeared and guested on ‘Weekly Idol Overseas Special’. therein broadcast, the ladies graded one another in terms of beauty among their Group.

KPop Idols Pick HyunA as Number 1 World Idol

HyunA was able to grab #1 as one of the best 7 ‘World Idols to Become the Next Psy’. Do you guys know that Krystal rank officialy first as the most popular korean celebrity? Although I am a fan of Hyuna, I am also a fan of some other groups, I feel that G-Dragon oppa is better. Hyuna unnie may not be able to follow up PSY.  

You have to do more than just appearing in the most-viewed Music Video of all time. Yeah, that will make you recognized by a lot of people around the world, but that’s all. You’ll need real talent to keep receiving attention. You can’t be ‘the girl from Gangnam style Music Video’ forever right?. 

The ones who may be able to follow up PSY is Big Bang, 2NE1 or maybe even B2ST or SISTAR. Hyuna unnie may have a chance but the 4 groups and G Dragon have a higher chance for following up PSY.

4Minute's HyunA

Big Bang's G-Dragon

CNBLUE's Yonghwa

SHINee's Key

Super Junior's Eunhyuk

SNSD's Hyoyeon

B2ST's Dongwoon

Some of the other candidates who entered the top seven were Super Junior’s Eunhyuk (loved by many as Anchovy), SHINee’s Key (known for his outstanding language skills) and Big Bang’s G-Dragon (acknowledged by famous foreign celebrities).
However, the results show that HyunA came out on top. Many idols reason that since she appeared in PSY’s mega-hit music video “Gangnam Style,” a lot of people have seen her face and she’ll have the best opportunity to make it on the grand scale.

1. 4Minute’s HyunA (voted by SISTAR Hyorin + BAP Daehyun + HELLO VENUS Yooyoung)
2. Big Bang’s G-Dragon (voted by SISTAR Bora + BAP Zelo)
3. CNBLUE’s Yonghwa (voted by HELLO VENUS Yoo Ara and CNBLUE Yonghwa)
4. SHINee’s Key (voted by INFINITE Dongwoo + BOYFRIEND Minwoo)
5. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk (voted by INFINITE Hoya + TINY G Mint)
6. SNSD’s Hyoyeon (voted by DALSHABET Woohee + BOYFRIEND Jeongmin)

7. B2ST’s Dongwoon (4minute Gayoon + SPEED Sungmin).

So any girl could become the next psy if they have a video with Psy? I Don’t agree at all.