Girls Generation Hyoyeon in Happy Together

I love Hyoyeon’s personality, She’s quirky and creative. Girl’s Generation Hyoyeon absolutely looks pretty as usual. And I know that she’s wearing a wig so that everyone really doesn’t have to go nuts While now a member of one of K-Pop’s most representative groups, even Hyoyeon has felt doubts about her career in the past. In the latest recording for KBS’ Happy Together, SNSD’s Yoona, Yuri, Tiffany and Hyoyeon appeared as guests where they shared stories and participated in the show’s fun.

Below are latest pictures of hyoyeon.

SNSD hyoyeon pics
Girls Generation hyoyeon pics

Girls Generation hyoyeon picstures

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SNSD’S Hyoyeon confessed that she likes to go clubbing once in a while to blow off steam. The host had asked the ladies if they enjoyed a night out and Hyoyeon said that she would “go low-key
clubbing” when she got stressed. She pointed out that the role of a DJ was critical to get her on the dance floor.  No good music, no dance moves from the best dancer of the group.

SNSD hyoyeon image
SNSD hyoyeon Girls Generation

hyoyeon of Girls Generation

hyoyeon pics

hyoyeon pictures

hyoyeon photo

In the recording, Hyoyeon talked regarding her starting in SNSD speech communication, “In the first days of SNSD, we tend to performed and herb whereas holding up candy and acting cute. whereas singing in the past i might suppose to myself,  Hyoyeon additionally went on to reenact her powerful terpsichore during a goofy means creating the studio laugh and stunned her fellow members by revealing details regarding their non-public lives.

 Hyoyeon responded, “I’m not sure when my peak was but I think I only had popularity when I was a trainee.” To this, Yoona divulged, “When Hyoyeon was a trainee, she was a celebrity. She had fans even as a trainee.”

Hyoyeon then said, “I debuted after a long period of training but I didn’t receive as much popularity as my trainee days. But I tell myself the problem is not due to a lack of skills.”
When asked then by the MCs what they thought was the problem, she waved a hand around her face, indicating she thought it was because of her looks.

The two SNSD members opened up on when they considered their prime to be.