Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In as The New ‘PSY Girl’

Who Do You Like Better, Son Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) or Hyuna 4Minute)?
The public’s attention is now getting focused on the ever-sexy Son Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls, the leading lady in the music video of PSY’s new song.

Son Ga In pics

If HyunA had gone for a cute-and-sexy look for “Gangnam Style“, it looks like Ga In is going for the mature-and-sexy look for “Gentleman”. Even though she must have been cold in her revealing clothes at early morning, Ga In looks like she’s working like a true professional for the song. Gain has that mature, classy, and sexy vibe to her without even trying. Her sexiness is practically effortless! surprisingly, she is the youngest member of Brown Eyed Girls.” Brown Eyed Girls Ga In
I’m a big fan of Brown Eyed Girls and I think that they’re truly sexy because they know how to be mature, you just have to look at Ga In MV Bloom . If it was another singer it would’ve come out too provoking but she managed to make it sexy and lovely. It’s just a shame that they’re making her wearing too revealing clothes because people will not focus on her real charms.

Psy Girl Ga In

Ga In Gentleman Pics
Love seeing brown eyed girls dance in there.’Gangnam Style’ was a song made for the Korean media, so it was awesome, original and very catchy. Gentleman is made for the WORLD, trying to be popular for every country, so its a song made for Clubs.