Girls Generation – We are Artist not Idols

Girls’ Generation Nyeo Shi Dae in Korea or SNSD for short revealed their dilemma in determining where they stood as musicians.

Too much expectation over idols. Back then, someone who sings is a singer. Someone who composes a song is a composer. Someone who writes lyrics is a lyricists. Someone who dances is a dancer. Now for idols. People want them to be a composer, singer, lyricist and dancer to be respected. Honestly, in my country, these idols will be grouped in artist category, because there is no such thing as idol.

SNSD group pics

Girls Generation SNSD Pics

Anyway, recently on a show program, the staff asked them whether they were an artist or an idol. Girls’ Generation debuted at an early age and reached fame quite quickly in both Korea and Japan as well as the world.

Jessica commented, “It is an honor to be called an idol group. However, now it seems that everyone who is young is an idol group.” 
Sooyoung commented, “Honestly, we want to be called an artist.”  
Yuri added, “It is hard for us to state which one we are. What our fans and the public calls us is what we will be.”

SNSD photos

SNSD sooyoung pics

SNSD yoona pics

SNSD girls generation image

SNSD Yuri pics

Ah, well. Too bad for them the category “idols” exist in their country. It may not make much difference to us but that’s just how their industry work. I think a much more valid description for them is that an idol is someone who caters the much younger audience and thus looks up to them [hence, the term idol] while artists are those who had ‘experience’ and caters those more mature fans.

Being an idol doesn’t mean you are untalented, there are lots of genuinely talented idols. I’m aware of the negative connotation the term carries in Korea, so maybe what she meant is that she’d like to be called something else. But I think “artist” is going a bit too far because in Korea, they use that term when someone has complete control over their music. I think so too even when it comes to G Dragon. But then again, I call very few people artists.


KPop Idols Pick HyunA as Number 1 World Idol

HyunA was able to grab #1 as one of the best 7 ‘World Idols to Become the Next Psy’. Do you guys know that Krystal rank officialy first as the most popular korean celebrity? Although I am a fan of Hyuna, I am also a fan of some other groups, I feel that G-Dragon oppa is better. Hyuna unnie may not be able to follow up PSY.  

You have to do more than just appearing in the most-viewed Music Video of all time. Yeah, that will make you recognized by a lot of people around the world, but that’s all. You’ll need real talent to keep receiving attention. You can’t be ‘the girl from Gangnam style Music Video’ forever right?. 

The ones who may be able to follow up PSY is Big Bang, 2NE1 or maybe even B2ST or SISTAR. Hyuna unnie may have a chance but the 4 groups and G Dragon have a higher chance for following up PSY.

4Minute's HyunA

Big Bang's G-Dragon

CNBLUE's Yonghwa

SHINee's Key

Super Junior's Eunhyuk

SNSD's Hyoyeon

B2ST's Dongwoon

Some of the other candidates who entered the top seven were Super Junior’s Eunhyuk (loved by many as Anchovy), SHINee’s Key (known for his outstanding language skills) and Big Bang’s G-Dragon (acknowledged by famous foreign celebrities).
However, the results show that HyunA came out on top. Many idols reason that since she appeared in PSY’s mega-hit music video “Gangnam Style,” a lot of people have seen her face and she’ll have the best opportunity to make it on the grand scale.

1. 4Minute’s HyunA (voted by SISTAR Hyorin + BAP Daehyun + HELLO VENUS Yooyoung)
2. Big Bang’s G-Dragon (voted by SISTAR Bora + BAP Zelo)
3. CNBLUE’s Yonghwa (voted by HELLO VENUS Yoo Ara and CNBLUE Yonghwa)
4. SHINee’s Key (voted by INFINITE Dongwoo + BOYFRIEND Minwoo)
5. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk (voted by INFINITE Hoya + TINY G Mint)
6. SNSD’s Hyoyeon (voted by DALSHABET Woohee + BOYFRIEND Jeongmin)

7. B2ST’s Dongwoon (4minute Gayoon + SPEED Sungmin).

So any girl could become the next psy if they have a video with Psy? I Don’t agree at all.