Fairy Tail 329 Cosplay – No Fairy Tail Manga 329 This Week!

Because of Obon, national holiday in Japan, There will be no Fairy Tail 329 manga this week. Just read my fairy tail 329 spoiler and prediction with cute cosplay from one piece anime girls. Awesome fairy tail chapter 329, I love the end with Natsu just showing himself to future Rogue.
fairy tail 329 chapter
I think that Iggy and any other dragons he is allied with might come and help out, you guys saw how the other wizards had no effect on the dragons (not sure what damage present Rogue, Sting or Gajeel did to the dragons if any) so they need some help to deal with the 7 dragons simple as that.
fairy tail 329 spoiler
Anyway if 7 dragons appeared and there’s 6 DS around, I’m thinking that Natsu will eat Atlas Flame somehow then each DS will beat a Dragon. Or Igneel, Metalicana and Grandine come back, each beat a dragon (Zilconis vs Igneel) then their DS beat the remaining. Can’t really make a proper theory in battles, this is all just wishfull thinking

Now the other interesting thing is Jellal, where has he gone with Dronbalt and Lahar from the magic council? I wonder what sort of plan and impact they will have, I assume they are not sitting around and watching. Really curious about future Rogue’s story now.
fairy tail 329 rawfairy tail 329 cosplay

I think Cana may get her chance finally with fairy glitter, and Mavis being there..somewhere I think. Though maybe the eclipse sent her away, maybe thats even part of a greater relationship. But I expect porlyusica to appear to guide Wendy, and Milky Way could very well be a power for bringing a dragon to its senses as well. She is the status remover afterall. Maybe the good dragons are in Skyadrums shadow realm and thats why Igneel was looking for him, so they could go back…fun chapter

I sure hope Rogue doesn’t suicide in order to prevent himself for becoming such a monster. Also, I hope Zircanis is spared somehow. The only reason I started reading fairy tail was because I love dragons, I read it because the dragons were not hunted/killed. It started being bitter but interesting for me to know sting and rogue killed their parents, but seeing them actually fighting dragons and them not being acknolodgia makes me to sad @n@

I can think of at least 3 possible outcomes from this chapter, but I really am let down that we will actually witness a few dragons’ deaths. I am totally not prepared for this fairy tail manga 329
Lucy and Yukino uniting their Zodiac Keys was a real awesome sight to see. That led to only 7 Dragons instead of 10,000 Dragons. I would have loved to see 10,000 Dragons, but 7 is perfect. For one, it continues the 777 Trend, and the other reason is the fact that there are 6 Guilds and 6 Dragons (the other Dragon is with F-Rogue). Can’t wait for fairy tail 329 manga next week.