Audrey karrasch Shot Adam on The Voice Season 4

Audrey Karrasch not only had the looks and the voice to succeed, she’s also got the spunk. Two of the four judges turned their chairs around for her, with Blake doing so a nanosecond after her first note. But when Adam, the lone judge to keep his back to her, tried to offer her advice, she shot him down.
“You didn’t even turn around. Why do you care?” she said, instantly becoming a fan favorite. Because who hasn’t wanted to say that to Adam, or any of the other judges, at some point this season?

I liked her performance and so far what she has had to say seems sensible but her being disrespectful to Adam was alarming and than the way she chose Usher, while disregarding Blake was not nice either. She pissed a lot of people off. It will be interesting to see if she can redeem herself. She can have all the confidence in the world but that’s no excuse to be rude.

Audrey Karrasch Team Usher

In my opinion she was definitely rude to Adam. Even if he didn’t turn around she should’ve shut up and listened to his critique/advice. I loved her performance. I think she has a good voice I just didn’t like her rudeness.

Audrey Karrasch Tthe voice

5) Orlando Dixon: Ne-Yo’s “So Sick” (Team Usher) | He had a nice enough voice, I guess, but for a voice major at Berklee, I thought he lacked the horsepower to be a true contender. Usher needs fodder for the Battle Rounds, though, I suppose.
4) Brandon Roush: The Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends” (Team Shakira) | Long-haired Louisville native who teaches music to autistic kids hit his notes, but emotionally, it felt a little community theater musical, no?
3) Patrick Dodd: Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis” (Team Adam) | As Adam said, dude really does have a “density of rasp” that’s appealing, but with the exception of a few bluesy runs toward the end, it was all a little too carbon-copy of the original. It does, however, give me an excuse to link to Cher’s legendary video for her cover of the song.
2) Savannah Perry: Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” (Team Blake) | The gorgeous break in her voice reminded me a little of Heather Nova, and while the 17-year-old seemed sweet and focused on her craft, I wonder if in a few weeks we’ll have wished she waited another two or three years to audition.
1) Audrey Karrasch: Jessie J’s “Price Tag” (Team Usher) | My ears detected a handful of flat notes toward the end, but she served her dish with enough sassy sauce that it didn’t really matter. Her courage to go full-on uptempo

Audrey Karrasch the voice

She was obviously joking but it was still rude to do that to the judges. I love that she’s confident but its the people that are voting, if she doesn’t please the viewers with a change in her form of joking, no matter how good she is.

Shes gonna get voted off. I like her, but I can bet money that she will start drama between other singers if she stays long enough Well, I don’t think they would act all offended either way. She just seemed arrogant to me – I didn’t like how she cut off Adam. However, I could be wrong. Maybe she WAS just nervous, we’ll see how she acts later as well. It will be hard for her to redeem herself for the viewers. No one is jealous of her or setting back feminism, people just don’t like her attitude. I liked her voice but her attitude sucks, therefore I am not going to support her and I hope she get eliminated first.