The Voice Season 4 Final Blind Auditions!

The Voice Season 4 blind auditions are great tonight but I have to say. “I love the judges” They definitely make my night! Ha ha ha! The Voice is the most entertaining show on television right now. Period. And I LOVE the cast of judges. Can’t wait to watch tonight.
 The Voice Season 4 Final Blind Auditions
 my world revolves around this show when its on. i so enjoy it. the talent and those crazy coaches, absolutely the best ever!Blake and adam love your joking and cutting up it makes the voice so much better and funny. Keep keeping on what your doing. Never leave the show. also would like to say I like Usher and Shakira There is more camaraderie this season than ever so glad for the change that Usher and Shakira brought no dull moment. though I liked CeeLo and Christina. Adam’s team seems to be a force this season. It will surely be difficult for him to choose in the battle rounds. Although obviously it’s a good problem to have. Ha! Team Adam is SO gonna win! Sasha is the winner! No contest! Not only is she beautiful, she’s a classical pianist, poised and the young woman can sing!
 The Voice Season 4 pics
Not only am I a big music fan and love seeing the people sing, I also love the bro love between Adam and Blake! Their pokes at each other keep me in stitches and Usher and Shakira are doing a great job so far. I hope Blake does not put the two younger girls together in the battles they both need to be seen go Danielle and Savannah.
The Voice Season 4 shakira adam
I was so wrong about my way of thinking about Shakira she is one smart shake that hip girl! I’m proud of her and Usher is rocking the Voice! still love my Ceelo and Christina but thank goodness it didn’t change like some other Nicki Minaj mess, of an Idol.

The Voice Season 4 contestant
Just a little disappointed that a lot of these contestants have had previous careers or toured with major talent already. Anyway, there have been people like that on every season. It is not against the rules of the show though, they just want good singers, experienced or not.


The Voice Week 2 Shakira better than Christina?

This is the most fun ever The Voice Season 4! Perfect chemistry with these coaches. For the first time I am taping the show just to make sure I don’t miss anything.
 I just love how cute this group of judges are together. I didn’t listen to a lot of Usher music, but he is such a cutie how can you not be a fan of his? And Adam, Shakira, and Blake. They rock! Great chemistry and Shakira is so much better than Christina. Christina’s makeup and wacky hats were distracting not to mention her boobs were constantly on display.

the voice season 4 judge

the voice season 4 contestant

Shakira is funny, smart, world wide artist, speaks 5 languages, (Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian french, Arabic, and Catalan) belongs to the prestigious rock nation, humanitarian, she founded barefoot foundation, the organization has 8 schools across Colombia that provide education and meals for 7000 children among other schools in Haiti and Africa Shakira has now sold over 125 million records. 70 million albums, and over 55 million singles. Confirmed by Sony. Good bye Christina Aguilera.

shakira the voice season 4

Shakira is so much more fun than Christina ever was. Christina may be talented, but she is awfully full of herself. Shakira seems to be really down to earth. I love how all the judges this season are having so much FUN!!! Have to admit that I am more of a Team Blake/Team Adam gal.

shakira the voice season 4

Shakira has so much more class than what we saw in Christina. I hope she stays with the show and Christina never returns!! Christina spent more time showing her “girls” to everyone than being a coach!!