Watch Beyoncé in Her New Pepsi Ad

The single you heard in her pepsi ad will officially be out on iTunes Monday April 8th lets all show the world shes still number one. Its a shame people still saying bad things bout Beyonce.

beyonce music video 2013

She completely slayed this beat and her song is hot.  Lets all get together and shoe the world who’s Queen and let us make her song number one. She completely deserves her success.

They love the way I walk, Because I walk with a vengeance And they listen to me when I talk because I ain’t pretending. Took a while and now I understand just where I’m going. I know the world and I know who I am bout time I show it. And I’m moving, round like that. When I do it I don’t look back. I can be bad if I want, I can go slow all night long. I’m a grown woman, do whatever I want Now Betcha I run this!” Sick song, I need the album in my life right now tho! Go to see her at the end of the month and I can’t sing my little heart out if I don’t know the words