Jourdan Miller – Americas Next Top Model Cycle 20

Jourdan Miller is so stunning and divine, she has a sweet and angelic look on her. love her to death hope she doesn’t have a nasty attitude like Kristen and Laura James.she looks like the cycle 16 winner Brittani Klin. Jourdan is one at the top of my list , along with Jeremy, Alex, and Jiana. These are the four I look forward to watching.

jourdan miller ANTM cycle 20

jourdan miller americas next top model

I usually enjoy Nina, but this shoot was terrible. I think the best for the girls this week was Jourdan. And as for the guys? I guess I’m a bit biased because I love Don, but he worked it out in this shoot! However, the other guys were just kind of.. there.

jourdan miller ANTM cycle 20 pics

What the heck happened to Jourdan? This picture is HORRIBLE!! Horrible face! Not embodying the Orangutan AT ALL! Really disappointed. Her worst shot by far. The final 3 has to be Nina, Cory, and Jourdan.
They are all such good models. Marvin, Kanani, and Don were good but not America’s next top model. I doubt Jeremy is a finalist but he did have a huge fanbase.

This year is really close, but the guys are a little bit more memorable than the girls. Nah, the girls ruled this one.

The guys have to pick it up, but the girls have to watch out cuz its not going to take much for them to catch up. For the allstar cycle they should put only those who had more than one best photo of the week .

But the allstar cycle should be in paris or london , at least in the fashion capital of the world. Get some good foto shoots and the best photographers. Get the top designers for the shoots. Just a suggestion.;)


ANTM Guys and Girls Vote Now!

Tyra is stunning, She is my favorite model of all times and a real inspiration. Did you vote today? Go to, vote and leave a video comment. Dress up in our photo shoot theme and your video could be picked for the show or you could win a prize!

I do miss the old judges. Tyra what’s happened to this program? I’ve been looking for this season on my TV and I cant find it anywhere. This is like my favorite show This picture is awesome. Always like you but this picture you try too much and your eyes look drunk and sleepy. She looks like a lioness protecting her cub. Tyra’s eyes actually look serene to me, but at the same time they are sending out a warning not to set another foot closer.

It’s a pretty picture. Am focusing on this young child to help guide her to learning how to read or emphasis she trying to maybe read her a story. Basically in my opinion she has the whole motherly style going for her in that flowy dress long hair looks great.

I can tell she’s trying to soften the “fierce” to give the picture a gentleness, but it just looks like she’s saying, “That is IT, this is the last story I’m reading you and then you’re going to bed.” I want Tyra to find the perfect guy and have a family she would be a great mommy.

America’s Next top Model Cycle 20 Welcomes Male Models!

Holla!!!after  19 cycles Tyra Banks hit reality tv show America’s Next Top Model proves that they’re  unbeatable and they are not gonna stop searching for the best amateur models in the country,as the CW network announced that the show has officially been picked up for its 20th cycle.

Yes,its the 20th cycle of top model and its not your usual top model where girls always rules,cause now the show made a huge twist as they welcome male models to compete for the title.America’s Next Top Model‘s 20th cycle will debut in summer 2013 (an exact premiere date has not yet been set).Viewers can expect some juicy drama from the new season as the male and female models will be living together in a house,just like cycle 19,the viewers will also have the chance to vote for their fave models through the social media sites.Can the guy’s out smize the girl’s?!

americas next top model 20

americas next top model 20

It is definitely so exciting for so many ANTM fans because the show never fails the viewers expectations.Girls all around the world are just so hooked up with the show,proving it is the successful franchise of top model australia,canada,britain and asia.Maybe the shows success is because of the ever fabulous host Tyra Banks,she is well known for her kindness and concern for the contestants,adding to that her honest critics and fair judgements really make her stand out as a host.

Or maybe its the judges (including my fave ANTM judge of all time Andre Leon Talley),who sometimes argue about the contestants photos.But maybe it’s definitely because of the contestants,many girls are hoping to be on the show,and their stories really captivate the viewers.Well,what ever it is the show will surely make another hit cycle.

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19 winner:Laura James

Out of three beautiful young ladies,Laura James emerge as the winner of Americas next top model cycle 19.This 22 year-old country girl is all set to begin her modeling career, having beat out finalists Leila Goldkuhl (who won 3rd place) and Kiara Belen (runner-up) in the race to the finish.

This fierce blonde student of Paul Smith’s College,proves that she has what it takes to win the hit reality tv show.Being the daughter of actor John James and Australian model Denise Coward who is also the second runner up in Miss world 1978,Laura is in a lot of pressure entering the competition.But her beauty and natural modelling talent brought her to the top.

I never really expected Laura to win because I’m a fan of Leila Goldkuhl,but when Leila became surprisingly and unexpectedly eliminated,I turned all my hopes of winning to laura.Even though Kiara belen is also a top competition Laura’s fierce smize(as tyra banks always say)out shine her.

antm cycle 19 winner
antm cycle 19 winner
ANTM cycle 19 winner

antm cycle 19 winner

Laura went into the finale confident that she can prove to the female viewers that strong is sexy.Having said that,Laura is truly a big inspiration for many girls for her healthy body image.And her hard work has totally paid off,laura won a feature in Nylon magazine, a contract with L.A. Models and New York Model Management, a campaign with Nine West and Smashbox Cosmetics, $100,000 cash and a spokes model gig to promote Top Model’s branded fragrance Dream come true. she also won three challenges during the season, and for that Laura pocketed $30,000 in her scholarship bank.And of course,the ultimate bragging rights of being the America’s next top model College Edition Champ.Go Laura!!!!!you definitely deserve all of the fame and fortune waiting for you..