Jourdan Miller – Americas Next Top Model Cycle 20

Jourdan Miller is so stunning and divine, she has a sweet and angelic look on her. love her to death hope she doesn’t have a nasty attitude like Kristen and Laura James.she looks like the cycle 16 winner Brittani Klin. Jourdan is one at the top of my list , along with Jeremy, Alex, and Jiana. These are the four I look forward to watching.

jourdan miller ANTM cycle 20

jourdan miller americas next top model

I usually enjoy Nina, but this shoot was terrible. I think the best for the girls this week was Jourdan. And as for the guys? I guess I’m a bit biased because I love Don, but he worked it out in this shoot! However, the other guys were just kind of.. there.

jourdan miller ANTM cycle 20 pics

What the heck happened to Jourdan? This picture is HORRIBLE!! Horrible face! Not embodying the Orangutan AT ALL! Really disappointed. Her worst shot by far. The final 3 has to be Nina, Cory, and Jourdan.
They are all such good models. Marvin, Kanani, and Don were good but not America’s next top model. I doubt Jeremy is a finalist but he did have a huge fanbase.

This year is really close, but the guys are a little bit more memorable than the girls. Nah, the girls ruled this one.

The guys have to pick it up, but the girls have to watch out cuz its not going to take much for them to catch up. For the allstar cycle they should put only those who had more than one best photo of the week .

But the allstar cycle should be in paris or london , at least in the fashion capital of the world. Get some good foto shoots and the best photographers. Get the top designers for the shoots. Just a suggestion.;)