American Idol Season 12 – Goodbye Amber Holcomb

We give a warm Idol goodbye to Amber Holcomb! Best wishes to you! Amber, That was one of the saddest “goodbye to the fourth” I’ve seen on American Idol. For the moment, I know your heart is crushed. Believe in yourself and continue to grow in your talent. You WILL go far. Just believe! You have an amazing voice and a bright future ahead.

American Idol Season 12 Amber Holcomb

I wish Amber had been in the top 3, she’s better than that. So glad Candice is still in! Amber, I was voting for you. Wanted to see you in the finale. You are so beautiful and have a awesome voice. Wanted the two Texas girls to go all the way. I can’t wait to buy your first CD I know it will be great. God bless you.

Amber Holcomb

I am not disappointed in the voting,this is why I stop watching idol. You and Candice are the reason I watched this year.They eliminated the best singers to get to the singer they want. Remember Jennifer and the first rocker to ever be on idol, I think it was season 6 he is also doing very well. Daughtry, Clay Aiken, they didn’t need the title and they are all successful just like Amber will be! Wishing you much success Amber.¬† I am sure she is still going to do great things, she has all the talent and looks and personality it takes to make it. Good luck Amber. None of theses last 4 ladies has anything to worry about, they are all very talented and they ALREADY won by this point.

You are both a beautiful young lady and a super talented singer. you have such a great personality. my jaw dropped when you were voted off. I have been voting for you since the beginning. if I can comfort you in anyway it would be to say that my prayers are with you and I know you will achieve stardom with that beautiful voice of yours. peace amber!