4Minute Kwon So-hyun 2013 Picture and Profile

4Minute Kwon So-hyun (born August 30, 1994) is a South Korean idol singer, rapper, and dancer. She is a member of the Korean girl group 4Minute under Cube Entertainment. She was also a former member of the Korean girl group “Orange.”

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Kwon Sohyun 권소현
Group Position : Maknae, Vocals
DOB : August 30, 1994
Nicknames : Cute Sohyun, 꿘쏘 (Kkweon Sso), 왕언니 (Wangeonni) Sohyun, Imp
Height / Weight / Blood Type : 162 cm / 45 kg / B
Specialty: Dancing, Studying, Japanese
Debut : in Orange with the single “Our Star”, 2005
Previous Works : – appeared in MBC Drama “대장금” (Jewel in the Palace / Great Jang Geum)
– appeared in SBS Drama “장길산” (Jang Gil San), 2003
– appeared in KBS show “울라불라 블루짱” ( Woolla Boolla Blue Jjang), 2004
– appeared in SBS Drama “파리의 연인” (Lovers in Paris / Des amoureux Paris / My Sweetheart in Paris / Romance in Paris), 2004
– appeared in the movie “연애술사” (Love Predicative), 2005
– featured in Orange debut single “Our Star” single, 2005
– appeared in MBC Drama “단팥빵” (Sweet Buns), 2005
Hobbies : Pool
Is a fan of : Ciara
Education : Pungmoon girls’ highschool (currently attending)
Major Fancafe Mandelina

4Minute Kwon So-hyun 2013 pics
Early life
Sohyun was born in Seoul, South Korea on August 30, 1994. She attended Kumho Junior High School and currently attends Pungmoon Girls’ High School. Sohyun debuted as a member of the group Orange in 2005 when she was 12 years old. The band released their debut album titled ‘We Are Orange’ with the title track Our Star.
The group was disbanded in late 2005 due to cyber bullying and anti-fan cafes against the group. In middle school, Sohyun began registering for audition academies. There, she met a representative of an agency and became a trainee in less than two months. Sohyun took the spot of Sistar’s Soyou who was slated to debut with 4Minute at the time.

In June 2009, Sohyun made her debut as the youngest member of the girl group 4Minute under Cube Entertainment, with their single Hot Issue. The group promoted the song from its release until August. At the end of August, 4Minute released a mini-album called “For Muzik” which was alongside their second single, “Muzik”. 4Minute won a mutizen award and an Mnet award for their second single “Muzik”.

Their third single “What A Girl Wants” was released shortly after the release of their EP. After a successful promotion period, the group released a new mini-album entitled HuH (Hit Your Heart) for their comeback on May 19, 2010. And after almost a year of hiatus, the group then released their first full length Korean album titled 4MINUTES LEFT.

The album and their two lead promotional singles maintained their positions in the top 10 of many Korean REAL TIME Charts. After the promotions of their first full length album, the group focused on their Japanese activities. And after more than a year of hiatus, the group finally made a comeback on April 9, 2012 with their third mini album, ‘Volume Up’ which topped music charts and winning the group several music show awards. After another year, the group made their comeback on April 25, 2013 with their fourth mini-album, Name Is 4Minute which did great on music charts and gave 4Minute triple crown on music show’s awards