ANTM Guys and Girls Vote Now!

Tyra is stunning, She is my favorite model of all times and a real inspiration. Did you vote today? Go to, vote and leave a video comment. Dress up in our photo shoot theme and your video could be picked for the show or you could win a prize!

I do miss the old judges. Tyra what’s happened to this program? I’ve been looking for this season on my TV and I cant find it anywhere. This is like my favorite show This picture is awesome. Always like you but this picture you try too much and your eyes look drunk and sleepy. She looks like a lioness protecting her cub. Tyra’s eyes actually look serene to me, but at the same time they are sending out a warning not to set another foot closer.

It’s a pretty picture. Am focusing on this young child to help guide her to learning how to read or emphasis she trying to maybe read her a story. Basically in my opinion she has the whole motherly style going for her in that flowy dress long hair looks great.

I can tell she’s trying to soften the “fierce” to give the picture a gentleness, but it just looks like she’s saying, “That is IT, this is the last story I’m reading you and then you’re going to bed.” I want Tyra to find the perfect guy and have a family she would be a great mommy.


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