Hwang Mi Hee Korean Event Shots 2013

I love the very fact the Hwang Mi Hee may be a tall Korean woman and has those splendidly long legs that appear to travel on and on forever. I’m invariably glad to get new pics of her and hope that they keep it up returning for a awfully lasting.

 Enjoy the photos guys! if I Sat next to her in school I’d invariably need to move to the nurse from fainting as a result of over exposure of prettiness and hotness Is it possible to get an image of you wherever you do not look pretty! (I don’t suppose so)

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South Korean Model Hwang Mi Hee is formally most lovely girl in World! In vote that long, Hwang Mi Hee was voted by staggering 100 percent of votes to become World’s Most lovely Woman! Hurray! With Dashing Beauty, excellent Body and Smile to create anyone soften it’s no suprise that Hwang Mi Hee wins to simply.

Hwang Mi Hee is Goddess!! once news affected that Hwang Mi Hee won, she received rousing ovation upon news and reality of Hwang Mi Hee’s wonderful Victory! Finally we got a chance to see our race queen Hwang Mi Hee, looking forward for more new photos!


Choi Yeo Jin Lead Actress on Next Drama Series 2013

An absurdly low rating for one so talented and captivating! You may not all like her, girls, but I guarantee that your boyfriend, husband, brother and dad does!

On March twenty third, role player Choi Yeo Jin appeared on tvN ‘SNL Korea’. throughout the show, Choi Yeo Jin appeared in a very mini dress of gold color, and caught audience attention with her excellent body form.

Choi Yeo Jin pics

Choi Yeo Jin image

Choi Yeo Jin drama 2013

Choi Yeo Jin pictures

Choi Yeo Jin sexy pics

With a bright smile, she aforementioned hi, and said, “I’m terribly nervous. i would create mistakes, people might not enjoy watching me, but please give me a plenty of cheers.”
An absurdly low rating for one so talented and captivating.  It’s been ten years since Choi Yeo Jin debuted, and She do not very have abundant hits to this point,” and therefore the staffs disclosed connected keywords list of Choi Yeo Jin.

The first connected keyword was ‘Choi Yeo Jin ugly’. As she saw the keyword, Choi Yeo Jin laughed, and said, “It’s pain. i am not the prettiest actress ever, however do not I look quite happy with my body shape?” Later on, Choi Yeo Jin showed some attractive dance beside the background with music. She’s therefore cute, She’s beautiful and magnificent! She should have been the lead. I want her to be a lead pretty bad!

however still not enough screen time. perhaps its her image. It matches second lead characters. however i still need her to be a lead in a very drama! Her and Lee gyu Han dynasty area unit therefore cute along. She is pretty and good actress Owns the screen each minute that she’s thereon. Even once the lead actress comes into read, I tend to look at Choi Yeo-jin.

Girls Generation Hyoyeon in Happy Together

I love Hyoyeon’s personality, She’s quirky and creative. Girl’s Generation Hyoyeon absolutely looks pretty as usual. And I know that she’s wearing a wig so that everyone really doesn’t have to go nuts While now a member of one of K-Pop’s most representative groups, even Hyoyeon has felt doubts about her career in the past. In the latest recording for KBS’ Happy Together, SNSD’s Yoona, Yuri, Tiffany and Hyoyeon appeared as guests where they shared stories and participated in the show’s fun.

Below are latest pictures of hyoyeon.

SNSD hyoyeon pics
Girls Generation hyoyeon pics

Girls Generation hyoyeon picstures

Girls Generation hyoyeon image

SNSD’S Hyoyeon confessed that she likes to go clubbing once in a while to blow off steam. The host had asked the ladies if they enjoyed a night out and Hyoyeon said that she would “go low-key
clubbing” when she got stressed. She pointed out that the role of a DJ was critical to get her on the dance floor.  No good music, no dance moves from the best dancer of the group.

SNSD hyoyeon image
SNSD hyoyeon Girls Generation

hyoyeon of Girls Generation

hyoyeon pics

hyoyeon pictures

hyoyeon photo

In the recording, Hyoyeon talked regarding her starting in SNSD speech communication, “In the first days of SNSD, we tend to performed and herb whereas holding up candy and acting cute. whereas singing in the past i might suppose to myself,  Hyoyeon additionally went on to reenact her powerful terpsichore during a goofy means creating the studio laugh and stunned her fellow members by revealing details regarding their non-public lives.

 Hyoyeon responded, “I’m not sure when my peak was but I think I only had popularity when I was a trainee.” To this, Yoona divulged, “When Hyoyeon was a trainee, she was a celebrity. She had fans even as a trainee.”

Hyoyeon then said, “I debuted after a long period of training but I didn’t receive as much popularity as my trainee days. But I tell myself the problem is not due to a lack of skills.”
When asked then by the MCs what they thought was the problem, she waved a hand around her face, indicating she thought it was because of her looks.

The two SNSD members opened up on when they considered their prime to be.

Park Min Young Drama Series 2013

Just now I saw a random post somewhere that say that Park Min Young is making ready for her next Project. That post is dated some days ago. I ponder whats her next project? Park Min Young looks so much younger than her age, She’s so adorable and lovely, I can’t wait to see her in a new drama.

She was nice in SungkyungKwan Scandal, She was nice in City Hunter, She is nice in GloryJane/Manofhonor and she can still be great and awesome in her next Drama. park min young gif pics

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After looking this most stunning drama, actually Park Min Young is a great actress. Her performance is simply outstanding on the far side words will categorical. She is extremely committed towards her work and so created this most stunning drama an enormous success.

Several have contributed and work terribly exhausting. She has shown such a lot improvement by leaps and bounds compared to City Hunter. Would like to see her once more with Lee Min Ho for her next projected drama in 2013. want her success.

park min young korean actress

park min young picture

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Due to tight schedule, Park Min Young had to prevent attending school. She solely managed to come to complete her remaining subjects in 2012. On Feb 15, 2013, Park Min Young formally graduated from Dongguk University major in Drama and Film.

When asked regarding her future plans, Park Min Young answered, “I’ve been taking a prospect for past four months, and that i had a good time. i feel i’m currently too previous to be taking part in girly roles any longer. i need to enhance my acting skills and realize a purposeful character to play.”

HyunA of 4Minute is a fan of D-Unit

I browse each Hyuna article and post whenever I see them on Korean websites however the Korean fans love her and contemplate her as the best female idols. 4Minute member HyunA has disclosed that she could be a fan of D-Unit and would love to work with them.

hyuna pics

4minute hyuna make up

4minute hyuna hairstyle

hyuna photo

hyuna image

I love D-Unit! The group currently has 4 members, but their line up is meant to constantly change with each release. I been paying attention to their mini-album all day. they’re crazy proficient, and HyunA would be impressive as a guest vocal. A photo was uploaded to D-Unit’s facebook page, showing the group posing with HyunA.

D-unit pics

D-unit kpop group

D-unit kpop girl

The idol later confessed to being a fan of the group. “I’ve liked them ever since they debuted. I watch each show they are on. If i buy the prospect, i’d wish to work with them,” HyunA said. D-Unit was excited to listen to regarding HyunA’s enthusiasm towards the group. “If we have a tendency to worked at the side of the noted star HyunA, we’d be terribly happy, they said.

D-unit rookie girl group

D-unit image

D-unit photo

Representative for both artists said that a collaboration between the two would be possible if their schedules matched up and allowed for it.
4Minute recently appeared and guested on ‘Weekly Idol Overseas Special’. therein broadcast, the ladies graded one another in terms of beauty among their Group.

T-ara comeback single “Bunny Style” Number Two on The Single Daily Chart

The daily single chart shows us that T-ara‘s newest single “Bunny Style” sold 40,705 copies, getting to the number two spot of the daily ranking. This will be their 2nd comeback after the controversy.

T-ARA’s agency Core Contents Media’s Kim Kwang Soo unconcealed an event of Jiyeon and Hwayoung beside alternative stories of Hwayoung.

T-ara bunny style

The solo songs are:

Love Story – Soyeon
Two As On – Eunjung
Maybe Maybe – Boram
For You – Jiyeon
Do We Do We – Qri
Love Suggestion – Hyomin
Happy Rain – Areum

The sub unit songs:
Signs – Soyeon & Areum

T-ara comeback

T-ara 2013 comback

T-ara new members

T-ara kpop

T-ara 2013 singles

T-ara 2013 album

T-ara music video

Tara Pics

T-ara image

According to the representative, Hyomin couldn’t take it any longer and same one thing to Hwayoung, however Hwayoung still didn’t listen. Jiyeon got up also to yell at Hwayoung, and therefore the fight inevitably happened. As a result, Jiyeon couldn’t concentrate on stage.

Core Contents Media same, “On July twenty seventh KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’, Hwayoung all of a explosive same she is going to not be happening stage. After that, on her means home, she threw her crutches on the ground and Sat down on the road ahead of fans and reporters. The manager tried to prevent this, however she vulnerable him, language she’s getting to scream therefore everybody might hear.”

Bae Suzy of Miss A Upcoming Drama with Lee Seung Gi

Miss A Suzy speaks about her role in The Writings of Nine Houses Book drama ‘Book of the House of Gu‘ The Writings of 9 Houses’ leading Lee Seung Gi and miss A’s Suzy was confirmed by MBC to require over ‘The Horse Healer’s slot. within the role of Choi Kang Chi is Lee Seung Gi and his opposing feminine role are going to be played by Suzy.

Suzy Bae The Writings of Nine Houses
Suzy Bae Miss A drama 2013
I think that Suzy is very pretty and that adds a lot to her charm. That is what initially interested me in her in the first place. She is really awkward and has a weird sense of humor. But I understand it. I think that’s her charm. Because she’s so strange and different from other kpop stars.

Suzy Miss A drama 2013
Suzy and Lee Seung Gi Miss A′s Suzy will be getting a flower boy bodyguard. Sung Jun has been cast as a bodyguard for the upcoming MBC drama The Writings of Nine Houses. The Writings of Nine Houses will be a great chance to show [Sung Jun′s] new transformation. You can look forward to seeing him sweat to become immersed in his role.
‘The Writings of 9 Houses’ may be a historical drama concerning Choi Kang Chi, He is actually half human and fifty percent beast. He tries his best to be somebody’s and so as to become one, he can bear completely different challenges. Suzy are his love interest within the drama. this may be the primary historical drama Lee Seung Gi has been in.